Flip the Script (Part 4): Beat the Election Blues, Dumpster Diver Style

Over the past several posts, we’ve told you about our new South Philadelphia window display,  a do-it-yourself remedy for the pre-election blues….

16_10_21-1-vote-tasker-side-dc_8280Twenty-eight smiling artists light up our windows at E. Passyunk & Tasker to remind you that the apocalypse isn’t quite here yet.

And,  yes,  regular readers of our  Unexpected Philadelphia  blog and website might recognize a few familiar faces…..

16_10_28-3-window-dumpster-diversSay, haven’t I wandered through your living room?

Over  the past 16 months,  we’ve toured over a dozen homes and studios of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers – those innovative artists who have played,  exhibited and produced witty,  found-object art together since 1992.

(And,  yes,  you can still click here to take the tours.)


So it’s no surprise that we scooped up a few of them for our latest project,  including international YouTube star Nora the Piano Cat….

Betsy Alexander,  Nora the Piano Cat,  Burnell Yow!

James Dupree,  Linda Lou Horn,  Joel Spivak

Alden Cole, Kate Mellina, Dave Christopher


Of course  – just like potato chips and M&Ms – any time 8-1/2 Dumpster Divers gather in one place,  there’s bound to be others.

So,  for added inspiration in these unsettling days,  here’s more of that merry crew,  some of whom you’ve met and others that we’ll write about in coming months….

Gretchen Altabef,  Richard Bank,  Sara Benowitz

Ellen Benson,  Neil Benson,  I. George Bilyk

Charmaine Caire,  Carol Cole,  Len Davidson

George Felice,  Bruce Gast,  Joanne Hoffman (and,  yes,  spokesmodel Bruce is wearing the official 2016 “National Hot Dog Month in Philly” t-shirt designed by Joanne for Joel’s annual celebration)

Hugo Hsu,  John Jonik,  Ann Keech

Diane Keller,  Susan Moloney,  Taji Nahl

Susan Richards,  Ellen Sall,  Jim Ulrich

Sally Willowbee,  Dan Enright,  Simone Spicer

Personally,  we’re already feeling a lot more optimistic….


Need an escape from the pre-election blues?   Join us here on Saturday,  Oct. 29 from 2-7 pm for a free VOTE exhibit by the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers in our studio at the corner of E. Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street.

And,  yes,  we’ll happily photograph you and your friends that day for our blog….


Then cruise the great East Passyunk  Fall Fest & Spooky Saturday  event right outside our door from 11 am-4 pm.

You can also  contact us here  by email if you’d like us to photograph you or your non-partisan group by Saturday, November 5.

We’re flipping the script!

16_10_28_300-kate-neil-dave-1  Kate, Dave &….oh, that other guy

(Click here to see Part 5 or here to see all our pre-election posts.)

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