Flip the Script (Part 3): A Cure for the Pre-Election Blues

Sometimes the anger and angst on the national stage makes it impossible to see the goodness on your own corner.

That’s why we gathered over two dozen Philadelphia artists,  writers,  performers and musicians,  and asked them to pose for our windows holding upbeat signs with words like create,  collaborate,  envision and – yes – VOTE….

16_10_25-01-vote-corner-view-dc_0137Click here to learn more about our pre-election window display on the corner E. Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street.

16_10_02-9-tasker-street-photos-cm_5602You can see it just across  from South Philadelphia’s  “Singing Fountain”  through election week.


That’s also why today – and several more times until the election – we’ll share photos here of scores more optimistic Philadelphians holding these same signs.

And,  yes,  they really are out there by the thousands – even though it’s sometimes hard to see them through the haze of the evening news….

Feeling better about the human race?   We are…!   (And thanks especially to everyone who stopped by our studio in the pouring rain on Saturday,  Oct. 8.)


Join us here at the corner of East Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street this Saturday,  Oct. 29 from 2-7 pm for a free VOTE exhibit by the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers art group.

And, yes, we’ll happily photograph you and your two- or four-legged friends then….

(Special bonus:  The East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District is sponsoring their Fall Fest & Spooky Saturday event right outside our door from 11 am-4 pm that day!)

You can also contact us here by email if you’d like us to photograph you or your non-partisan group by Saturday,  November 5.

There’s still time to flip the script!

Kate & Dave  (Click here for Part 4!)



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