The Great Photo Album Adventure (Part 5)

If you’ve followed our blog and website, you know that a friend gave us a fabulous housewarming gift:  a 12-pound photo album from the 1960s, packed with images from nightspots in and around South Philadelphia.

You also know that we’ve been on a grand hunt to identify the hundreds of entertainers,  sports figures,  business people,  politicians and  “just plain folks” cavorting on its pages, with the goal of donating them to Temple University’s Urban Archives for safe-keeping.

15_09_18 1 Jimmy Durante(South Philly nightclub favorite Jimmy Durante, left, with Arthur Tavani, the nightlife
columnist and photographer who assembled the photo album in the 1960s)

Now we’d like to get  you  involved in the hunt…


This summer we posted dozens of images from Art Tavani’s captivating album, and today we’re adding 26 more.

Grouped under the new heading Who Are We? (Part 1)”,  they all have one thing in common:  They each feature one or more women we haven’t yet identified…

15_09_18 2 010 Unknown(Are they performers?  New Year’s Eve revelers?  Your favorite South Philadelphia
aunts or cousins?  You??  And where were they photographed?)


Over the past two years,  we’ve identified dozens of people at area venues like Palumbo’s,  the CR Club,  the Venus Lounge,  J&A Caterers,  the Latin Casino,  Sciolla’s Supper Club,  and the Order of Brotherly Love Italian social club.

The majority of local entertainers and club patrons were male, and we noticed that many women had yet to be identified…

15_09_18 3 029 Unknown(The location was South Philly’s Aquarama Aquarium, and the occasion was Ed Hurst’s Saturday TV dance program.  This woman appears in several photos.  Who is she?   And who is the man on the right?)

So here’s where we need your help:  Please check out the mystery women in our new section, and ask your friends and family to take a look…

15_09_18 4 094 Unknown(And, yes, those dresses would still turn heads at Noord, Fond, Paradiso
or a dozen other Passyunk Avenue restaurants)


Find someone you know?   Send us an email with a contact phone number.  We’d love to hear your story.  Enjoy!

Kate & Dave