Thanks for the (Fringe Fest) Memories…

Thanks to everyone who came out for  “Are We There Yet?”,   Kate’s mid-century, bad-postcard travel tour,  and part of the 2015 Philly Fringe Festival…

15_09_14 1 Bargain Box Cards(Want to understand the Baby Boom generation and their parents?
Look no further…)

Guests were offered bad ’60s appetizers, like pigs-in-a-blanket and a scary-looking port wine cheese roll with Ritz crackers.  And, yes, everything predictably disappeared – except for the healthy vegetable bowl…

15_09_14 2 Kate & Ann(Fellow Philadelphia Dumpster Diver Ann Keech, right, helps unload the goods. See her work at the Fringe Festival “Pope Up” show, weekends through Sept. 26.)


Has the Fringe Festival experience changed Kate?  “Absolutely – I finally got to wear the ’50s skirt and crinoline I bought a zillion years ago.  Plus, my studio hasn’t been this clean in two years…”

15_09_14 3 Studio(Checking out Kate’s assemblages…)

15_09_14 4 Studio(…and, yes, you may recognize Bella’s dad, Victor,
from our neighborhood holiday windows)


Thanks especially to our fellow Philadelphia artists and “helper bees” Lynn Denton, Linda Lou Horn, Alden Cole, Ann Keech and Ellen Benson who did everything from take tickets to round up the troops.

15_09_14 5 Santa's Village(Kate prepares to reveal what Santa really does during the other
364 days of the year)
15_09_14 6 Fringe Fest(Hint: It involves Ray-Bans, a party house, and an
over-sized birthday cake…)


And, yes, between now and Sept. 20, you can still see everything from theater and music,  to comedy and dance,  at some of the most unusual venues in Philadelphia.  Be sure to check out the online 2015 Fringe Festival catalog.   Happy exploring!

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