Holiday Windows Are Back – & Don’t Miss These Other South Philly Displays!

They’re back!  This evening,  we lit our 27 holiday windows with portraits of the many great neighbors,  shop owners,  and dogs  (lots of dogs…)  we’ve met since moving to South Philadelphia in 2012.

So,  if you’re dining or playing near the  “Singing Fountain”  between now and New Year’s Day,  we hope you’ll check out our windows at East Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street.

Our first holiday display in December, 2013.


As you may know,  it all started when we were sitting at our third-floor kitchen window,  waving to neighbors who couldn’t see us.

“Maybe we should put life-sized photos of ourselves in the windows to let people know when we’re here,”  Kate joked.   “Then we wouldn’t feel like we’re spying on them.”

Within seconds,  it had morphed into something wilder.

“Wow – what if we took photos of the neighbors and their pets and put them in the windows, too?   We could do it for the holidays!”

Bella – the longtime,  gracious queen of Tasker Street who will forever remain in our hearts – with Victor,  her faithful human companion.

And so,  15 months after moving to South Philadelphia,  we found ourselves explaining to people we barely knew why we wanted to take their photos.

Fortunately,  South Philadelphians have a sense of humor – even if they did roll their eyes after we left.   That first year,  we signed up 26 neighbors,  4 dogs and a baby.

15_11_23-3-dave-christopher_0027Dave shows off his best side while lifting Fernando and Barney into a window.

 It was only then that we realized we’d have to wash our 27 windows….and light them at night….and put timers on the lights….and find an affordable way to print the photos.  (Tip:  The large plastic lawn signs at Staples are perfect,  but wait for a sale.)

15_11_23-4-kate-mellina“Hey,  Dave – I thought you were going to Photoshop out some of those wrinkles for me…”   “Oh, wait — you did…???”

And after worrying that it’d be a total bust,  we wound up on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer on Christmas eve.


This year,  we’ve added one new portrait.  And,  yes,  if that nose looks familiar,  it’s because Jean is Kate’s younger and (sigh) slimmer kid sister who moved to the neighborhood this year….

Now there’s another Mellina sister to deal with….


And,  if you’re anywhere near South Philadelphia this season,  don’t miss the fabulous decorations on these three famed streets:

• 1600 block of South 13th Street,  between Tasker & Morris (2 blocks from us)

15_12_09-02-miracle-on-south-13th_9828Click here to read our 2015 blog post about the annual  “Miracle on 13th Street”.   (And,  yes,  they’ve added many new delights this year!)

• 2700 block of Smedley Street,  between 16th & 17 and Moyamensing & Oregon

The 2700 block of Smedley Street is always a traffic-stopper.   Click here to read our 2015 blog post about it and Colorado Street.

• 2700 block of Colorado Street,  between 17th & 18 and Moyamensing & Oregon

2015_12_28 6 Colorado CM_0797.jpgSanta beckons last Christmas from the 2700 block of Colorado Street.

 And leave time to explore the whole area between Oregon,  Moyamensing,  16th & 18th Streets,  where you’ll literally find hundreds of homes and front windows festooned for the holidays,  each grander than the last.

Happy holiday season!

Kate & Dave

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  1. I especially like the type of holiday lighting that makes a “roof” over the street. Reminds me of NYC Italian festivals and old Fellini movies.

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