Light Up Your Life on Smedley & Colorado Streets

The gifts have been opened and the leftover turkey is  (thankfully!)  gone,  but there’s still plenty of holiday magic in Philadelphia…

2015_12_28 1 Smedley DC_3672

(The 2700 block of Smedley Street in South Philadelphia is a stroller’s delight.)

In earlier posts,  we told you about South Philadelphia’s  Miracle on 13th Street  between Morris and Tasker Streets and  our own neighborhood window display  at E. Passyunk Avenue and Tasker.

But there’s more – way more – holiday fun a mile away,  in the area of Smedley and Colorado Streets… 

2015_12_28 2 Smedley CM_0763


Spread along the 2700 block of Smedley Street – between Moyamensing and Oregon Avenues,  and 16th and 17th Streets – is an eye-popping Christmas wonderland…

2015_12_28 3 Smedley DC_3669

2015_12_28 4 Smedley CM_0785

Who wound all those tree lights and raised all those magical figures?  And how did they find time to decorate virtually every house and front window on both sides of the block?

2015_12_28 5 Smedley DC_3679

More miraculous still:   How do they find the energy to pack it all away each year?


And don’t forget to check out nearby Colorado Street,  tucked between 17th and 18th Streets.  Colorado also opens onto Oregon Avenue,  but if you’re walking along Moyamensing,  you’ll need to head up 17th,  turn left on Johnston,  and swing a right at Colorado.  (Never fear:  You definitely can’t miss it…)

2015_12_28 6 Colorado CM_0797(Santa beckons on the 2700 block of Colorado Street.)

2015_12_28 7 Colorado CM_0842(Every window tells a story.)

2015_12_28 8 Colorado CM_0853


So take advantage of this week’s unseasonably warm weather to walk this improbable Christmas paradise.  And leave time to explore the whole area between Oregon,  Moyamensing,  16th & 18th Streets,  where you’ll literally find hundreds of homes and front windows festooned for the holidays, each grander than the last.

S Colorado St, Philadelphia

Best of all?  You don’t need to pack it away next week.


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    • Yes, it’s a great (and free!) place to take holiday guests — we hope to interview the organizers and add a whole new section of photos to our “Unexpected Philadelphia” website next Christmas…



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