Flip the Script (Part 8): Our VOTE Windows on ABC’s Nightline & philly.com!

They say that a bad day is when you wake up and find a  60 Minutes  crew on your lawn.

Fortunately,  the same didn’t hold true for  ABC’s Nightline  last week.

16_11_4-3-nightline-kate-dc_5307_No warrants in sight:   Kate (second from left) with Nightline’s Ignacio Torres,  Jasmine Brown and Dan Harris.


Nightline co-anchor Dan Harris and segment producers Jasmine Brown  (the lead producer that day)  and Ignacio Torres were in town to gauge the pre-election stress level in our hotly contested swing state.   (Hint:  Think high – very high.)

They also offered relief in the form of a daringly co-ed  (i.e., mixed Democrat and Republican)  meditation session.

In between,  they talked to us about our upbeat South Philadelphia window display….

16_10_02-9-tasker-street-photos-cm_5602Why are these people smiling and can we do it, too?

The segment aired last night and,  if you click the link below,  you’ll see us around the 4 minutes and 50 seconds mark:

ABC Nightline Segment:  How Meditation Can Help With Election Stress


And,  yes,  all three agreed to join the scores of good-hearted Philadelphians who have already posed for our blog….

Dan Harris,  Jasmine Brown and Ignacio Torres on the other side of Dave’s camera

And if those smiling faces don’t cure your election angst,  their  Nightline  report offers a free guided meditation to combat voter stress.  (Harris,  as you may know,  is the author of 10% Happier,  the sharp and funny New York Times #1 bestseller about his improbable path to taming stress without losing his edge.)


Today also saw a philly.com story about our  window project by staff writer Alfred Lubrano,  who wrote about our then-new neighborhood holiday windows in 2013.   And,  tell the truth:   Is Kate truly the last person in the world to say “groovy”?



So check back between Sunday and Election Day to see dozens more uplifting photos of our fellow Philadelphians, and we’ll keep our window lights burning through Sunday, Nov. 13.

In the meantime,  we’re off for a nap – this unprecedented positivity is wearing us out….

Kate & Dave  (Click here to see Part 9 or click here to scroll through all our flip-the-script posts.)



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