Flip the Script (Part 7): 65 More Ways to Beat the Blues

When we dreamed up our anti-angst, South Philadelphia window project this summer,  we knew this election season was going to get rough.

16_10_21-1-vote-tasker-side-dc_8280Click here to learn more about the upbeat artists in our lighted windows at E. Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street – and our quest to photograph hundreds more smiling Philadelphians.

But we had no idea how ugly it was going to get….

16_11_3-kate-in-door-2-dc_1289Go away!   I’ll be out on Nov. 9….of,  uhm,  2020.


But it’s hard to abandon all hope when you can still find such goodness right outside your studio door.

So we are especially happy today to share more photos taken during last Saturday’s East Passyunk Fall Fest — along with another group of artists we’d like to introduce….

Pretty good antidote to the evening news,  no?     (And,  yes,  tune in between now and Election Day to see even more photos from last Saturday’s photo session.)


Then there’s that other local artists’ group we photographed recently – one that has had our backs since we moved here.

The Artist Conference Network (ACN) is the somewhat unpoetic name for a nationwide coalition of artists,  performers and writers who meet in local groups to set personal creative goals and encourage each other in their work.

And,  yes,  you may recognize a few of these current and former Philadelphia members from our windows….

Betsy Alexander,  Paula Behrens,  Karen Benson

Member Blaine Bonham & spouse Rick Spitzborg,  Lynn Denton,  Anne Gollings

Rebekah Higgins,  Tobie Hoffman,  Miriam Kanev

Charlie Kaprelian,  Kate Mellina,  Tracey Schiavello

Chris Sheerin,  Tom & Pat Torosian,  Josephine Viviani

Member Sandy Sparrow Wilkinson and spouse Hal Wilkinson

Kate’s been a member for four years,  and it’s kept her (and Dave) chugging forward on….well,  on scary-fun projects like this one.  Want to learn more about how it works?   Send Kate an email,  and she’ll fill you in.


So stop back here between now and Tuesday,  as the pre-election news doubtless gets wackier,  and remember that there are still more good souls out there than there are people to divide us…..

 2014-fran-dc_0102    Keep flipping that script!

Kate & Dave  (Click here to see Part 8, or click here to scroll through all our pre-election posts.)

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