The Great Photo Album Adventure (Part 13): Who Are We?

If you’ve followed the story on our blog,  you know that a friend gave us a fabulous housewarming gift:  a 12-pound photo album from the 1960s,  packed with images from nightspots in and around South Philadelphia.

You also know that we’ve been on a grand hunt to identify the hundreds of entertainers,  sports figures,  business people,  politicians and  “just plain folks” cavorting on its pages, with the goal of donating them to Temple University’s Urban Archives for safe-keeping.


The photos were collected by South Philadelphia newspaper columnist Arthur Tavani, and many are already on our website,  along with whatever identifications we have.  

In September,  2015,  we added our  first section of “Who Are We?” photos,  asking for help in identifying the many unknown women in them.   Today,  we published 27 new photos on our website,  all showing at least one person we can’t identify.

Some photos include famous Philadelphians….

17_02_02-1-197-waw2-al-martinoYes,  that’s South Philadelphia singer Al Martino second from right,  with columnist Art Tavani (far left) and Philadelphia council president Paul D’Ortona (far right).   But who’s the man with the flower in his lapel?

Some just look famous….

17_02_02-2-055-waw2In our wild imaginations,  they’re a singer (left) and comedian (right),  but we honestly can’t identify either of the men surrounding Art Tavani.

Some were probably hoping to become famous….

17_02_02-3-022-waw2The suits and hair scream John,  Paul,  George & Ringo in 1964.   Who are they?

 Others are associated with local law enforcement and the church…

17_02_02-4-047-waw2That’s Art Tavani at the far right,  and the flyer unhelpfully says, “Hand in hand,  you and the law!”,  but that’s all we know.

 …or with business and government…

17_02_02-5-075-waw2Columbus Day,  circa 1966 at Palumbo’s in South Philly.   We spotted Art Tavani  (back left)  and Dr. Antonio Carloni,  Italy’s Consul General  (third from left in front),  but who are the other local trophy holders?


So check out the mystery people in our new website section,  and ask your friends and family to take a look.

Once there,  you can click on any thumbnail photo to scroll through much larger versions of all the photos.   You will also see a caption under each photo if you are on a non-mobile device like a laptop or PC.



Find someone you know,  or recognize a venue we haven’t identified?    Send us an email!   We’d love to hear your story.


Kate & Dave