Flip the Script (Part 10): Nov. 8 Is Here, & It’s Now or Never

Well,  it’s come down to this….and there’s no do-overs after Election Day….

16_10_02-4-passyunk-windows-cm_5590Corny perhaps, but indubitably true:  Click here to learn more about these smiling faces in our South Philly windows – and about the hundreds more big-hearted Philadelphians we’ve photographed for our blog this month.

And,  yeah,  it’s easy to say that both major candidates are flawed,  and you don’t want to vote for either of them.  But their agendas are polar opposites,  and one of them will be elected this week.

And you  – and all the other smiling faces on our blog – will be living with the consequences for years to come.


Today,  we’ll give you 63 additional reasons to pull that lever,  plus 7 of the four-legged kind.  (After all,  this is Passyunk Avenue….)

Thanks to all these smiling souls who stopped by our studio during the Oct. 29 Fall Fest….


And thanks to these additional family members, neighbors and friends — including some who appear long-distance from that lush tropical paradise known as…well, New Jersey.


So lace up your walking shoes on Tuesday and get out there – and take a few friends and neighbors to the polls.

And remember:   Kate’s 94-year-old mom really does know best,  and she’s not accepting excuses….

Kate & Dave    (Click here to read Part 11, or  click here to scroll backwards through all our pre-election, anti-angst posts.)