Sounds of South Philly: Mural Dedication & Nov. 4 Bandstand Book Party

Last week,  we told you about the planned dedication for the new “South Philly Musicians Remix” mural by Mural Arts Philadelphia.

16_10_18-1-south-philly-musicians-remix-dc_5127There’s a new crew hanging out at Broad and Tasker Streets.

And,  yes,  it features local luminaries  (from left)  Eddie Fisher,  Fabian Forte,  Bobby Rydell,  Frankie Avalon,  Jerry Blavat,  Al Martino,  Chubby Checker,  Charlie Gracie and James Darren,  along with tributes to Bob Horn’s and Dick Clark’s Bandstand shows.  (Click here to see our close-up photos of the mural.)


But Philadelphia mural artist Eric Okdeh had another surprise up his paint-covered sleeve last week when he revealed the final honoree….

16_10_18-2-danny-cedrone-cm_5726Guitar virtuoso Danny Cedrone

Danny Cedrone,  of course,  is South Philadelphia’s own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame star,  known for his outstanding guitar solo on “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets.


So who celebrated at Saturday’s Mural Arts block party?

16_10_18-3-south-philly-mural-crowd-dc_5090Stopping traffic: It’s not every day you get to lounge in the middle of Broad Street.

 Among the honorees were….

16_10_18-4-frankie-avalon-cm_5832Frankie Avalon

Charlie Gracie and Jerry Blavat

(Avalon’s fellow “Golden Boys” Bobby Rydell and Fabian Forte had out-of-town commitments that day.)

Family members included….

16_10_18-7-alison-judi-martino-dc_9314Alison and Judi Martino, daughter and wife of the late Al Martino


 Radio personalities King Arthur (aka Carlos Alvarez) and his wife Janet Cedrone Alvarez (“The Queen of Doo Wop”).   Janet is Danny Cedrone’s daughter,  and King Arthur served as DJ.

16_10_18-10-musicians-remix-dedication-dc_5058Seated celebrants are Judi Martino,  Janet Cedrone Alvarez,  Frankie Avalon,  Jerry Blavat and Alison Martino.   That’s King Arthur and city councilman Mark Squilla at back.


Of course,  the stars wouldn’t have shown without the talent,  drive and enthusiasm of….

Eric Okdeh and Jane Golden

Lead mural artist Eric Okdeh has completed over 80 public art commissions in Philadelphia since 1998,  and has taught mural-making to children and teens – and to the inmates at SCI Graterford Prison who enthusiastically helped with the mural.

16_10_18-13-musicians-mural-honorees-dc_5078Jane Golden fires up the crowd.

Mural Arts Philadelphia founder and executive director Jane Golden has been the driving force behind the program’s more than 3,800 works of collaborative public art.

16_10_18-14-south-philly-mural-dedication-dc_5123And,  yes,  Mural Arts supplied mounds of free block party treats,  including the obligatory hoagies and soft pretzels.


Need another mid-century Philadelphia music fix?

On Friday,  November 4 from 1:30-5:00 pm,  members of the Bandstand  “regulars”  will be gathering at 46th and Market Street – the original home of American Bandstand – for a book-signing and celebration….

16_10_18-15-bandstand-diaries-coverHot off the press….

“Bandstand Diaries:  The Philadelphia Years 1956-1963”  is the new book by Arlene Sullivan, Ray Smith and Sharon Sultan Cutler.   Sullivan,  who grew up in Southwest Philadelphia and graduated from St. Monica’s Commercial School in South Philly,  was one of the most celebrated teen regulars who danced on the show from 1956 to 1960.

16_10_18-early-bandstand-regulars-bobbi-youngEarly Bandstand regulars in the studio parking lot,  1956.   (Photo courtesy of Bobbi Young,  Bandstand Diaries)

The event will include 1950s music and Philadelphia-themed snacks  (do we detect a pattern here?),  and the special festivities begin at 2 pm.

Visit the Bandstand Diaries Facebook page for more information and to reply to their eVite invitation.

See you there!

Kate & Dave

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