South Philadelphia Classics: A Man’s Image

When we moved to increasingly trendy East Passyunk Avenue four years ago,  we were delighted by the great classic shops still in the mix:    The King of Jeans.   Frankie’s on the Avenue.    Tom’s Prime Meats.

Then,  one by one,  they disappeared.


16_03_24 1 A Man's Image CM_1189

Still,  one of our favorite storefronts – A Man’s Image – remained,  its eye-catching sign visible a block away.    And,  oh,  those windows,  lovingly updated for every occasion….

16_03_24 2 A Man's Image DC_1569

16_03_24 3 A Man's Image DC_1564           16_03_24 4 A Man's Image DC_6452  (Windows decorated for Valentine’s Day 2016,  top and bottom left,  and an “everyday” sale window from fall,  2015.)

That’s why we mourned when the “Going Out of Business” signs appeared in March.


Owner Abe Mandel,  75,  started working in his dad’s South Philadelphia men’s clothing store at 7th and McKean Streets in 1956.   In 1968,  he opened his own store at 7th and Dudley Streets,  before settling at 1709 E. Passyunk Avenue.

16_03_24 5 A Man's Image CM_1177

16_03_24 6 A Man's Image CM_1097    16_03_24 7 A Man's Image DC_4298(“Dr. Abe” Mandel advises customers “Don’t buy clothes that you like.  Buy clothes that like you.”)

16_03_24 8 Abe Mandel DC_4329     16_03_24 9 A Man's Image CM_1152(Abe Mandel pauses for a quick portrait.   “Do you have two minutes for a photo?”  Dave asked.  “Make it one,”  he replied as customers poured in.)


16_03_24 10 A Man's Image DC_4274(A look across the store during a rare break in customer traffic.   Abe helps a client pick out a flattering cut.)

16_03_24 11 A Man's Image DC_4284(Louie and Christine assist in the shoe department.)


Abe’s not kidding when he says he can gauge someone’s size,  weight and best clothing cut on the spot.   He took one look at tall,  ultra-slender Dave,  buried under a winter coat,  and handed him two pairs of pants that fit perfectly.

16_03_24 12 A Man's Image CM_1005     16_03_24 13 A Man's Image CM_1037

16_03_24 14 A Man's Image CM_1064   16_03_24 15 A Man's Image CM_1029(And, yes, you can find muted jackets,  shirts and pants at A Man’s Image,  but Abe’s not afraid of color,  whether you’re a size small or a 7X.)


Need a hat,  shoes,  tie,  handkerchief or socks to complete your look?   It’s all here…

16_03_24 16  A Man's Image CM_1013    16_03_24 17 A Man's Image CM_1088

 16_03_24 18 A Man's Image_1136      16_03_24 19 A Man's Image CM_1051(The shoe department stocks everything from Italian leather loafers to,  well,  spiked slip-ons.  Grab this pair before they’re gone.)


16_03_24 20 A Man's Image CM_1093    16_03_24 21 A Man's Image CM_1016(Rosemary,  Christine,  Louie and Sandy at the front counter.  “A pain in the ass I may be,  but a better store you’ll never see,”  reads the sign on the cash register — next to the free lollipops.)

16_03_24 22 A Man's IMage CM_1060

A Man’s Image is located at 1709 E. Passyunk Avenue,  near S. 12th Street.   Extended hours are currently Mon-Tues 9:30-6:00,  Wed 9:30-7:00,  Thurs-Fri 9:30-9:00,  and Sat 9:30-7:00,  but you might want to call first to confirm (215-755-7100).

And remember, “shop early for best selection”….

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