Dumpster Divers at Dupree Gallery Thru Jan. 30

If you follow our Unexpected Philadelphia website,  you’ve toured eight wildly creative homes and studios belonging to members of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers – that merry band of found-object artists who prove  (in the words of co-founder Neil Benson)  that “Trash is simply a failure of imagination.”

16_01_12 01 Diver Dupree Show DC_1152(Divers take to the walls of the Dupree Gallery.)

And now through January 30,  you can experience their work firsthand at Philadelphia’s Dupree Gallery in Queen Village.

16_01_12 02 Diver Dupree Show DC_1133


When Philadelphia artist James Dupree offered the Divers a show entitled  If Walls Could Talk,  it came with a challenge:  no piece could be longer than 24 inches and they all needed to hang on a wall.

16_01_12 03 Diver Dupree Show CM_0084

The Divers’ upcycled work frequently includes everything from salvaged furniture to  (literally)  the kitchen sink,  but more than 30 Divers answered the call,  with a minimum of rule stretching.  (After all,  who could reject one of Harry Anderson’s famed found-object floor lamps?)

16_01_12 04 Diver Dupree Show CM_0107

The result – curated by Dumpster Diva Eva “Aanya” Preston – is a rich mix of signature assemblage pieces,  with less typical two-dimensional paintings,  photographs,  collages and more.


Philadelphia’s Dupree Gallery is located at 703 S. 6th Street,  near Bainbridge.  Show hours are Saturdays from 4-9 p.m. and Sundays from 2-5 p.m.,  through January 30.

16_01_12 05 Diver Dupree Show CM_0139   (Surely one of these three walls would work over your sofa…)

16_01_12 06 Diver Dupree Show CM_0094

16_01_12 07 Diver Dupree Show DC_1120


And for the best chance to meet the artists,  plan to attend the closing reception on Saturday,  January 30 from 4 to 9 p.m.

You never know – you may need to take a little bit of Dumpster Diver heaven home with you….

16_01_12 08 CM_0090(A pair of Linda Lou Horn figures shares a wall with work by Ellen Benson.
Ellen’s art-filled home and studio will be featured next on our website.)


Philadelphia Dumpster Divers participating in the exhibit are:

Betsy Alexander – Gretchen Altabef – Harry Anderson – Sara Benowitz – Ellen Benson – Neil Benson – I. George Bilyk – Charmaine Caire – Alden Cole – Carol Cole – Randy Dalton – Len Davidson – Larry Denenberg – James Dupree – Charna Eisner – Dan Enright – George Felice – Joanne Hoffman – Linda Lou Horn – Hugo Hsu – John Jonik – Ann Keech – Diane Keller – Smokie Kittner – CW Lewis – Susan Moloney – Taji Nahl – Toni Nash – Eva “Aanya” Preston (curator) – Susan Richards – Ellen Sall – Joel Spivak – Jim Ulrich – Sally Willowbee – Burnell Yow!

16_01_12 09 Diver Dupree Show DC_1144

See you there!

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  1. What a Beautiful Read!!!! Thank You so much for Sharing “The Philadelphia Dumpster Divers ”
    The Photographs are Great and The Story is so Colorful… “If Walls Could Talk ” They would say! …Recycled,,Up-cycled,Revamped and Found Objects are playing a big part in Art Today and even Bigger in the our Future! Art can be Fun and Fabulous!!!
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