Meet Our South Philly Heroes (Part 1)

In our last post, we told you about our new and inspiring South Philadelphia holiday windows, featuring 27 non-medical Essential Workers who are courageously risking their health for us in this COVID-19 world – everyone from local pharmacy and grocery employees, to restaurant staff, to sanitation workers.

The Tasker Street view, lit nightly from 4:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

You’ll find them smiling from our windows through January 10 on the corner of East Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street, across from the iconic “Singing Fountain”. 


Starting today, and continuing in our next post, we’ll introduce you to these South Philly heroes who daily put themselves on the line.  Some you can’t miss as they roll down the avenue…

Stepping out from behind their masks for a quick photo: Captain Brian (in truck) and firefighters Jason, Brendan and Matt from the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Engine 10 station.

Others, like Adam Leiter, executive director of the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District, are working miracles behind the scenes. Adam’s keeping local businesses apprised of COVID-19 regulations and opportunities — and promoting a wide variety of socially distanced events for Avenue fans. (Click here for the latest list.)

Adam takes a rare break to pose for our windows.


So read on to meet the first dozen Essential Workers whose images appear in our 2020 holiday windows….


Tyrone is a city sanitation truck driver who overcame daunting odds this summer to keep our trash pick-up timely with crew mates Drissa and Ransell (below). He’s also a personal trainer and a former collegiate basketball player.
Drissa is a hard-working, 14-year city Sanitation Division worker who enjoys watching and playing soccer.
Ransell is another member of our neighborhood’s crack sanitation team. A West Philly resident, he is also a mechanic and creates custom jewelry.


Jason is a four-year firefighter with the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Engine 10 who enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with family, and watching movies with his girlfriend.
Matt has served two years as a PFD Engine 10 firefighter. His interests include working out, cooking and skiing.
Officer Jim, our always helpful avenue bicycle officer since 2018, has been a member of the Philadelphia Police Department since 2003. He’s a father of two and a native Philadelphian.


Ed is a Philly native and a 26-year SEPTA bus operator. You can catch him on the 45 line running along 11th and 12th Streets.
Deneen has been a SEPTA employee for 31 years – 28 of them as a Broad Street subway line operator. Her not-so-secret collecting passion? Shoes!
Otis has been a SEPTA bus operator for 10 years on routes including the local 29 line that runs along Tasker and Morris Streets. He’s a native Philadelphian who enjoys deejaying in his spare time.


Adam is the executive director of the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District, and is the hard-working hero who’s kept local businesses informed of COVID-19 rules and opportunities. When not on the job, he enjoys spending time with family, cycling, skiing, and the local music scene.
Leroy is a member of the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corp. (PARC) team that daily cleans and maintains our local commercial corridor. Energetic and fun, his pastimes include football (Fly Eagles!) and working out.
John is another dedicated PARC team member who makes our avenue sparkle. He enjoys basketball and cooking in his spare time.


In our next post, we’ll profile the remaining 15 Essential Workers who are gracing our holiday windows.  In the meantime, please do your part to help them and the many other courageous souls who are selflessly helping us:  Pull up those masks!

John and Leroy at East Passyunk Avenue’s “Singing Fountain”


Kate & Dave (Click here to meet more of our South Philly heroes)